A Project Portfolio

Some of the projects I've been involved with

Written by Zoë Turner

Ethics Committee Resources

This site is a collection of resources on medical and data ethics resources, primarily to support the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Ethics Committee, but is available to anyone who is interested.

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An NHS package to help NHS, Public Health and related analysts/data scientists learn to use R

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Health Economics Hackathon 2019

Over 2 days in November 2019 Imperial College London hosted the first health economics in R hackathon. It involved small group project work developing novel health economics tools, as well as training in related data science skills.

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NHS-R Community NHSRplotthedots package was created by NHS volunteers to replicate the NHS England/Improvement SPC “Making Data Count” rules. Contributing I haven’t yet contributed any code for this package but attended many of the meetings with the team which I was really grateful for as it was wonderful to be included in such work, even with very little to contribute. Chris Beeley invited the team to speak at the NHS-Podcast, which they recorded with me not present as I was unavailable but I felt that that was ok because I didn’t think my contributions were that big.

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